Clive Myers and Steve Jarvis drive
Banger to Banjul
for Cancer Research UK
We are Clive and Steve and we have done
The Plymouth to Banjul Challenge 2006
The Plymouth to Banjul Rally takes place once a year for registered charities in The Gambia. The challenge is to buy a car for less than £100 and drive it from Plymouth in the UK to Banjul in The Gambia in 20 days, travelling through 7 countries and 400 miles of desert.
We were one of 55 teams who rose to the challenge in 2006. We left on Wednesday the 8th of February, 2006 and completed the 3,921-mile journey on Wednesday March the 1st, 2006. We had a very challenging and memorable adventure in our old banger, and are very happy to have raised nearly £7,000 for Cancer Research UK and over £1,000 for charities in The Gambia.
Fundraising Target: £5,000.00
Donations Made: £6,897.39
48,288 visitors since Sept 1st, 2005